Jumat, 13 Maret 2015

Apple Watch Specifications

Apple watch have three different versions, which comes in the price range Each of them can carry two boxes of different sizes, and at the same time it allows a number of combinations that by changing his belt. In fact, the presentation has not been charged today with technical data, which is unusual in the case of Apple. In fact, do not even know, the screen resolution, just that Tim Cook has said that it is a Retina display anymore. The most important thing about the functions of the clock, we come to the next section of our article today on the Apple clock aligned.

The materials produced, watch the Apple depending on the edition you choose ever. So the clock is Apple comes in stainless steel and sapphire crystal; Apple-clock sports, cheap, bet on an aluminum and glass fiber reinforced Ion-X; and Apple's Watch Edition, the most expensive of all, is covered in 18 carat gold and sapphire crystal. Its weakest point seems to be the battery as it reaches in 18 hours moderate use and was able to remain intense in just 6.

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